20 examples of technology

Most people spend their entire lives utilizing technology in one way or another. There are numerous distinct kinds of technology, each having specialized uses meant to increase the effectiveness of particular procedures. You may learn how various forms of technology can enhance your everyday life and even spark an interest in a tech career by having a deeper understanding of the many forms of technology.

This article explains technology and enumerates twenty popular varieties.

What is technology?

Technology is the made of shifting clinical understanding to realistic use. Different forms of technology are the end result of people attempting to find greater efficient ways to do matters and testing new thoughts. Technology is continuously improving and commonly pursuits to make processes easier for humans. For example, the internet makes conversation less complicated and greater green.

Common types of technology

While a single piece of technology frequently overlaps into specific areas, there are commonly six specific classes of generation: verbal exchange, electrical, power, production, clinical and transportation. Here are the six extraordinary classes of era with examples for every:


Communication technology consists of any era human beings use to talk with one another. Some early examples of conversation era encompass Morse code and the telegraph. Below are some examples of greater modern-day verbal exchange technology:

1. Television

Television sets transmit indicators we can listen to and consider audio and visual content material. People use television for entertainment, statistics and news, commercials and advertising, and educational functions, amongst different sports. Most televisions acquire alerts from a cable twine or over the internet, which relays signals that tell a television what content to show. The virtual alerts help compress the audio and visible records, which enables optimize bandwidth usage, bearing in mind seamless excessive-definition content.

2. Internet

Many people keep in mind the internet the maximum popular and powerful verbal exchange generation. It allows people from round the arena to interact thru written messages and audio and video messages in real-time. The net is a powerful tool for groups, charities, governments and people to apply for advertising, communique and outreach, statistics broadcasting, social interactions and statistics sharing.

3. Cell phones

Cell telephones are a present day-day development over the phone, permitting the transfer of textual content, audio, and video content material over the net. With a cell cellular phone, humans can call exclusive telephones and talk with people global. Cell phones also are prepared with applications that allow people to without troubles get entry to records from everywhere inside the world, take images and movies, speak globally over social media and perform their professional responsibilities. People can now use mobile gadgets to navigate, display their fitness, make bills, and integrate them with different clever devices.


Many pieces of modern technology use electricity in some form. A few examples of electrical technology include:

4. Computers

Computers carry out by means of pulsing electrical currents speedy. Binary code is the fundamental constructing block of computer systems; it establishes whether strength is there or not. The device is coded in binary, or as a fixed of zeros and ones, which allows the computer to do lots of responsibilities, along with as arithmetic calculations, logical operations, photograph processing, and language translation.

Computers are critical for records archiving and retrieval, complex mathematical and medical computations, and software execution. In addition to less difficult obligations, they're applied in robot and automation obligations, huge-scale records analytics, and device learning programs.

5. Circuitry

A collection of electrical additives that perform a selected characteristic is a circuit. An instance of an electrical circuit is a pc processor, a small component that interprets electrical signals into pc code. Another instance of an electric circuit is the audio amplifier utilized in speakers that amplifies electrical alerts to provide sound. Electrical circuits exist in many contemporary-day items, which includes computers, far flung controls, cellular phones and appliances.

6. Artificial intelligence

A computer  tool with artificial intelligence (AI) is built to make judgments and act on its personal. The sophistication of synthetic intelligence varies in a lot of our everyday obligations. For instance, synthetic intelligence is used by on-line navigation applications to decide the first-rate route for a traveler based totally totally on traffic, road closures, and different factors. Another instance is search engines like Google, which lease artificial intelligence to turn out to be aware of the high-quality consequences to reveal for every individual consumer.

7. Software

Software incorporates a hard and fast of instructions and code that instructs the pc to characteristic as intended. Developers construct and install software to decorate user revel in, automate processes, and make responsibilities more efficient. For example, phrase processing software makes it simpler to create and edit documents while as compared to older types of generation, together with a typewriter. Another instance is Chrome, a software software that lets in customers to get right of entry to and navigate the net.

8. Audio and visual technology

Audio and visual generation comprises items which includes cameras, microphones and projectors. The systems use sensors to transform analog signals, right here mild and sound, to virtual data. Their reason is to capture and display audio and visual mediums to customers.


Audio and visible era frequently combine with different kinds of era, which includes cell telephones, to offer camera capability, as an instance. These gadgets use embedded structures and software program to control and beautify audio-visual functionalities, imparting acquainted features along with autofocus, photo stabilization and superior audio processing.


Energy technology aims to help generate, store and transmit energy for various purposes. Common examples of energy technology include:

9. Solar panels

Solar panels harness sunlight to generate electricity. People use those panels to power buildings, homes, outdoor lighting systems, water heating systems and greater. Solar panels are a form of renewable energy, that's becoming a extra famous form of electricity era because of its loss of carbon emissions.

10. Wind turbines

Wind mills use the kinetic strength of the wind to generate power. Wind generators are usually tall pillars placed in open plains or inside the ocean where winds are the most powerful. As propellers spin, they generate strength, which the turbine stores in a battery or transmits at once to a favored source.

11. Batteries

Batteries store electricity for later consumption, and those use those to strength other varieties of generation, such as a television far flung. They range in size—from small batteries in objects which include watches to large batteries to be used inner motors or massive sun panel installations. There had been good sized improvements in battery generation lately, with batteries now able to save extra electricity for longer durations.

For example, research on solid-state batteries offers several advantages, including higher energy density and faster charging times. There have also been significant developments in recyclable and biodegradable battery components.


Mechanical technology is the software of engineering standards to gain duties greater effectively. People use this technology in a wide variety of equipment, with a few not unusual examples of mechanical technology which includes:

12. Manufacturing

Manufacturing era pursuits to provide goods quicker and in a extra fee-effective manner. A popular example of producing technology is an meeting line, which greatly stepped forward the velocity of production processes. Manufacturing technology's blessings also include product first-class upgrades, better tracking and systems evaluation, quicker delivery speeds and better worker safety. The introduction of predictive upkeep through the usage of sensors, records analytics equipment, and machine studying algorithms is likewise distinguished, as it allows make machine upkeep much less steeply-priced and greater proactive than reactive.

13. Heavy engineering

Heavy engineering technology allows experts perform duties together with building bridges or digging tunnels and different creation sports extra precisely, accurately and without problems even as enhancing protection.


For example, using robotics in heavy engineering has eased responsibilities like bricklaying and concrete pouring. Another example is the use of clever construction substances with embedded sensors that useful resource in monitoring structural health and predictive preservation.


Medical technology helps improve people's quality of life in several ways. Some examples include:


14. Diagnostics

Diagnostic technology enables medical specialists reap extra records approximately a patient. Examples of diagnostic technology include thermometers, MRIs, X-ray machines, electrocardiographs and stethoscopes. The tools can help medical professionals diagnose conditions, check injuries and plan appropriate remedies without invasive strategies.

15. Pharmaceutical

Researchers learn more approximately how specific substances effect people the use of pharmaceutical technologies, along with nanotechnology, microenvironments and artificial organs. They can then expand new prescription drugs, with the aim of curing or considerably reducing times of dangerous sickness. AI and machine algorithms expedite the method of identification of novel compounds to optimize the drug development process. A current instance is AlphaFold, which uses deep getting to know algorithms to expect the 3-d structure of proteins, which is critical in drug discovery.

16. Surgical

Surgical technology allows surgeons to perform complicated operations. Some recent examples consist of smart surgical glasses that show critical facts at once inside a surgeon's glasses and far off robotics, which permit surgeons to perform remotely with increased precision. Surgical era assists in every form of surgical procedure—from primary tactics together with appendectomies to more complicated sorts inclusive of spinal or mind surgery.

17. Monitoring

Healthcare experts an increasing number of depend on generation to display a affected person's health and standing. A not unusual example is smartwatches, that can reveal biometric information along with coronary heart charges and sleep quality. Other tracking era consists of gadgets implanted directly into a affected person, providing even greater superior monitoring capabilities to healthcare experts. Another instance is using biometric sensors and patches that adhere to the pores and skin to display crucial signs including coronary heart charge and breathing charge.


Thanks to technological improvements, it's much easier to travel than it once was. Examples of transportation technology include:

18. GPS

GPS, or a Global Positioning System, is a technology that could pinpoint places on Earth from satellites in Earth's orbit. The satellites emit indicators which may be acquired with the aid of GPS receivers in devices at the floor. GPS can successfully decide a tool's location by triangulating signals from multiple satellites. Using this generation, we will now receive real-time instructions, screen the transit of various gadgets or report unique time measurements.


GPS is a function in many devices, together with smartwatches and large tracking systems used by corporations and governments. It is also critical in applications like fleet management and asset monitoring.

19. Flight

Flight technology has emerge as more secure and extra green through the years because of innovations in substances, aerodynamics and engineering. We use flight technology in several ways—from the construction of planes to navigation device on an plane. Due to upgrades in flight generation, which include advancements in GPS, navigation systems, and radar systems, there's expanded precision in flight routes and safe take-offs and landings.


Improvements in flight era are even more obvious in area flight, which occurs fairly regularly. For example, the concept of reusable rocket era can notably reduce space exploration charges.

20. Vehicles

Similar to flight technology, motors are actually quicker and safer. In addition, they may be extra fuel-green and comfortable and frequently offer entertainment options. Vehicle generation has advanced how engines run, the safety capabilities within cars, consisting of airbags, and the enjoyment alternatives to be had in a automobile.


The development in vehicular generation is so distinguished that it has allowed for independent riding motors, electric and hybrid vehicles, and related automobiles. There is also large research in superior materials, including carbon fiber composites and excessive-electricity alloys, to reduce weight and enhance gasoline efficiency.


What are the most important technology skills for work?

Which technology skills are most important depends on your industry and specific role. These are some technical skills that may be useful in many roles:

  • Data collection
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Word processing
  • Email
  • Troubleshooting
  • Programming and coding 
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Database management and security 
  • Networking and cloud computing 
  • App development

How does technology affect the workplace?

Technology can assist enhance techniques and communications within the workplace. It can assist streamline sports by means of automating repetitive tasks so teams can awareness on paintings that is extra creative and hard. Emails, immediately messaging, and collaborating platforms have made communication quick and simpler. The smart use of statistics analytics equipment has helped collect treasured information from big datasets to assist in choice-making.


Technology also can sluggish down productivity whilst humans use it as a distraction at some stage in work, are not adept at using it as meant or over-rely on it. It's helpful to be aware of how generation impacts you at work. Try to best put into effect era that enhances your strategies, like automation software or productiveness tracking apps.

Can technology help improve deep work?

Deep work is while you may awareness completely on a single undertaking and optimize efficiency. Some generation, like headphones, timers and automated e mail responses, let you improve your deep paintings. Task control tools also make a contribution to the exercise of deep paintings by way of permitting you to devise and structure your deep paintings sessions and helping you keep track of obligations and cut-off dates.

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